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Pergamano Parchment Scissors


Introducing the Pointed Scissors Exclusive (Silver Coloured) – the ultimate tool for precision perforations and exquisite decorative shapes, available at Parchment Down Under. Crafted with the specific needs of all parchment crafters, these scissors are a true game-changer, delivering flawless cuts that elevate your parchment craft to new heights.

With a sleek silver-coloured exterior exuding sophistication, the Pointed Scissors Exclusive makes a stylish addition to your crafting arsenal. Their curved blades set these scissors apart, offering effortless control while cutting intricate patterns into your parchment. Skillfully placing the scissors into the perforations ensures unparalleled precision and finesse in every cut without compromising the delicate nature of parchment paper.

Whether you’re just starting your journey into the enchanting world of Parchment craft or already an experienced crafter, the Pointed Scissors Exclusive are your ideal companion.

The exceptional cutting capabilities of the Pointed Scissors Exclusive guarantee stunning results, making them an essential tool for crafters of all levels of expertise.

To further enrich your crafting experience, we offer an exclusive guide written by the esteemed Master Tutor, Linda Williams. Inside, you’ll uncover valuable tips and techniques to refine your craft and take your skills to the next level.

Additionally, enjoy the benefits of the included black foam – a purposefully crafted surface that provides stability and support during your parchment work. Say goodbye to uneven cuts and hello to professional-level precision!

Take the first step towards limitless creativity – get your Pointed Scissors Exclusive now!

Parchment Down Under – Elevating Parchment Craft, One Cut at a Time.

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What our Customer's Say –

Parchment craft down under has been my source of parchment craft tools for many years now. My local art shop could not help me with most the things I ...
Service was very prompt and item was just as I expected....
Just what I needed. Sandra is very helpful with any questions regarding products. Thank you so much....
The best parchment supplies at  affordable prices! But what really set  Parchment Downunder apart is their customer service. From the moment I place...

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