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Gina K Designs – Poly Glaze Foiling Sheets


Embark on an exciting crafting journey with our White Poly-Glaze sheets, the ultimate companions for enthusiasts of foiling and die-cutting! These sheets are not just a crafting tool; they are a gateway to a world of creative possibilities purposefully designed to elevate your projects.

Embark on a crafting journey with our versatile White Poly-Glaze sheets, the perfect companions for foiling and die-cutting adventures! Purposefully designed to enhance your crafting projects, these sheets are a dream for creating breathtaking foiled designs or utilizing negative pieces post-foiling on your Poly-Glaze or other Toner sheet creations. In every package, discover an ample supply, providing enough material for crafting 10 captivating card fronts or an abundance of intricate die-cut designs. The 5-pack of 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ sheets opens up a world of possibilities, catering to your diverse crafting endeavours. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or venturing into the world of foiling and die-cutting, these White Poly-Glaze sheets promise a seamless and delightful creative experience. Elevate your projects with precision and style – secure your 5-pack today, and let the enchantment of crafting unfold!

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Parchment craft down under has been my source of parchment craft tools for many years now. My local art shop could not help me with most the things I ...
Service was very prompt and item was just as I expected....
Just what I needed. Sandra is very helpful with any questions regarding products. Thank you so much....
The best parchment supplies at  affordable prices! But what really set  Parchment Downunder apart is their customer service. From the moment I place...

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