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Perga Glue


Welcome to the captivating world of parchment craft, where creativity knows no bounds. At Parchment Down Under, we proudly present Perga Glue, a premium adhesive meticulously formulated to meet the exacting demands of delicate parchment projects.

Crafted with a fine tip, Perga Glue empowers you with precise and controlled application, allowing you to effortlessly attach layers and embellish your creations with exquisite decorative elements. Bring your parchment designs to life as you explore the art of layering and easily add intricate details.

Designed to be non-staining, Perga Glue safeguards the pristine beauty of your parchment. Its clear drying formula seamlessly blends into your work, leaving no unsightly residue behind. Rest assured that your painstakingly crafted pieces will remain flawless, showcasing the true essence of your artistic vision.

With its exceptional adhesive properties, Perga Glue creates a steadfast bond that stands the test of time. Your parchment layers will stay securely in place, preserving your artwork for generations to come.

To further enhance the longevity of your special parchment projects, Perga Glue is meticulously crafted to be acid-free. This ensures the preservation of your creations, safeguarding their beauty for years to come. Embrace the peace of mind that accompanies this commitment to excellence as you embark on your parchment crafting journey.

Unleash the full potential of your parchment artistry with Perga Glue. Join us at Parchment Down Under and let your creativity flourish. Elevate your craft to new heights of precision and reliability. Visit our online store today and immerse yourself in the artful world of parchment crafting.

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What our Customer's Say –

Parchment craft down under has been my source of parchment craft tools for many years now. My local art shop could not help me with most the things I ...
Service was very prompt and item was just as I expected....
Just what I needed. Sandra is very helpful with any questions regarding products. Thank you so much....
The best parchment supplies at  affordable prices! But what really set  Parchment Downunder apart is their customer service. From the moment I place...

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